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Our Development league brings in the Futsal competition in Eltham, London both in winter and summer to 
encourage and support raw talent in football, where players get an opportunity to not only check their skills 
but also compare them with others and understand the competition at the national and international levels.


Futsal competition is held in Eltham, London which lies in the centre of Europe, hence, making players 
come from around Europe to participate in this mind-blowing event. 

The best thing about this competition is that it is held both in the summer and winter season, 
so not to worry if you were not able to perform well in the summer Futsal Competition in Eltham London, 
you can come in winter with more practice and take the trophy home.


The Futsal Development League is a London, UK based youth futsal competition for grassroots, academy and community teams.

Our competitions provide opportunities for players to hone their talent, improve their play and be rewarded for their successes multiple times throughout the season. We have two winter tournaments and two summer tournaments that simultaneously run side by side across one season. We have two unique competitions - our Football Development League and our Futsal Development League.

The Futsal Development League runs once in the winter from September to December and once in the summer from February to May. The winter tournament takes place indoors and the summer tournament takes place outdoors. This Premier League style competition with a futsal format consists of league fixtures throughout each tournament.

Each league contains 10 teams, with each team playing their league opponents twice. The champions are awarded with the flamboyant Futsal Development League trophy.

Key Futsal Rules

Below are some futsal rules that are different to football rules:



Futsal is played on a smaller and a hard-court pitch compared to football. The number of players is reduced to five-a-side and matches are played over 20 minutes each half. A futsal ball is a size below a normal football, while it also has 30 per cent less bounce.


Free kicks and penalty kicks

All opponents must be at least 5 m (16 ft) away from the ball when taking a free kick. The kick must be taken within four seconds or an indirect kick is awarded to the other team.


Penalty kicks should be 6 m (20 ft) from the centre of the goal for fouls inside the 6 m (20 ft) goal keeper's area.


When a goalkeeper is in possession of the ball, they have 4 seconds to get rid of the ball. If the ball is kept too long, the referee will give an indirect kick to the other team. The goalkeeper may play freely when in the opponent's half.


Once the goalkeeper has released the ball either by kicking or throwing, the goalkeeper may not touch it again until the ball goes out of play or is touched by an opponent. The sanction for violation is an indirect free kick. The goalkeeper may receive the ball freely when on the opponent's half.



A kick-in is used instead of a throw-in. The ball must be stationary and the kick-in must be taken within 4 seconds from the time the player is ready. During kick-in, opponents must stand at least 5 m (16 ft) from the ball. If four seconds elapses or an illegal kick is taken, the referee will award a kick-in to the other team. It is not allowed to score directly from a kick-in: the goal is valid only if someone else touches the ball before it enters in goal.


Corner kick

The corner kick must be taken within 4 seconds of being ready or else a goal clearance will be awarded to the other team. The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves.



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